Is a Boston University journalism graduate with more than a decade of professional newspaper and magazine experience. Most recently, he worked full-time as an editor at Alaska Beyond, the inflight magazine for Seattle-based Alaska Airlines. Do not compromise on a screen after putting your investment in to the projector; this would be selling yourself short like buying an HDTV, without connecting the cable through HDMI.


An immediate benefit of a fixed projector screen is that it weighs less than a retractable screen since it does not require casing or motorized elements. Commercial and home theater fixed screens can also maintain their surface integrity longer since the screen itself is not routinely being rolled up and down. They come in many different sizes and frame colors so you can choose the one that best fits your space.

A DIY option: Goo Systems GooToob

He is a content designer at Bose Corporation and is completing his Master of Arts in Digital Media. Lifewire EV EVs have been around a long time but are quickly gaining speed in the automotive industry. Learn how the long-coming and inevitable shift to electric impacts you.

Our Runner Up – Elite Screens Sable Frame B2

Its unique serrated TPU prism design absorbs ambient light from above, ideal for spaces with lots of artificial lighting, and it rejects 97% of ambient light from all sources. Inflatable outdoor projector screens tend to be massive— it’s sort of the point— and the SUNCOO Inflatable Movie Screen is no exception. It’s a gigantic 120 inches wide, with 12.5 square feet of viewing area. Inflating it is relatively simple and although it doesn’t match the clarity and sharpness of indoor screens, it’s a perfectly acceptable option for hosting an impromptu outdoor movie night. Electric models, also called motorized screens, use an electric motor and can be raised and lowered with a remote control.

The inclusion of the new MaxWhite FG material not only stiffens this non-tensioned screen, but also enhances the picture. We don’t think it beats the VMAX 2 or other motorised screens like the Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 for quality, but it more than holds its own. You also have the option of portable screens, which can either pop up or inflate, which are useful for travel or camping. Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen are a lot of fun, but their screens can sometimes be prone to wrinkling, since they fold up when not in use. This is a fixed screen with a manual pull-down mechanism that’s designed for semi-permanent installation. You can pull down the screen when ready to use, with a locking feature that ensures your screen will stay in place when in use.

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